The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners Shambles to Oculus Quest in Time for Halloween

Battling the undead hordes will soon be much more convenient!

Skydance Interactive and Skybound Entertainment’s
The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners
Coming to Oculus Quest Platform on October 13

Skydance Interactive, a division of Skydance Media, revealed that its critically acclaimed survival horror virtual reality game, The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners, will launch on the Oculus Quest Platform on October 13. Revealed during Facebook Connect, The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners’ release on Oculus Quest Platform will allow users to experience the game wire-free for the first time that will make hacking and slashing walkers in the game more seamless than ever before.

You can view The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners reveal trailer for the Oculus Quest Platform here: 

Developed in partnership with Skybound Entertainment, The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners has been praised by critics for its deep crafting system and visceral, physics-based combat system and became a global top seller upon its release for PC VR and PSVR earlier this year. At launch, Quest players will have access to the highly praised 15-hour campaign, an original story set in The Walking Dead universe where they must fight their way through walker-infested streets of New Orleans and negotiate with the factions vying for power throughout the city. The Meatgrinder Update, which challenges players to survive relentless waves of walkers, will arrive on the Quest Platform in the weeks following launch.

Starting today, players can pre-order The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners on the Oculus Quest Platform for $39.99 on the Oculus Store. The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners is also available for purchase on the game’s official website, for PC VR via Steam and for PSVR digitally via the PlayStation Store, with physical editions of the game on PSVR available for pre-order at select retailers.

To keep up to date on news for The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners visit the official website and follow The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

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About Skydance Interactive

Skydance is the diversified media company founded by David Ellison in 2010 to create high-quality, event-level entertainment for global audiences. Skydance Interactive was launched in 2016 to create and publish original and IP-based virtual reality, PC and console games. The studio's first VR game – the award-winning Archangel– launched in July 2017 to great success, and an update Archangel: Hellfire debuted the following year. Skydance Interactive partnered with Skybound Entertainment to create a VR game based on the global phenomenon The Walking Dead titled The Walking Dead: Saints and Sinners, which launched worldwide in January 2020 to critical acclaim.

About Skybound Entertainment

Skybound Entertainment is a multiplatform content company that works closely with creators and their intellectual properties, extending their stories to further platforms including comics, television, film, tabletop and video games, books, digital content, and beyond. The company is the home of notable properties including The Walking Dead, Invincible, and Super Dinosaur. On screen, Skybound holds a first-look television deal with Amazon Studios and a first-look movie deal with Universal.

Also under the Skybound Entertainment umbrella is publishing venture Skybound Games, and sister-company Skybound North, which is based in Vancouver and specialized in animation. Skybound is also a partner in Skybound Galactic, a television studio with the capabilities to finance the development and production of scripted series.