Best PSVR Games Available Right Now

There is a variety of entertaining PlayStation VR games currently available that could make a case for being the best PSVR game.

PlayStation VR has allowed players on the high-profile gaming console to experience all of the excitement and joy that virtual reality has to offer. There has been a treasure trove of high-quality games that have arrived on PSVR over the past couple of years, which have captivated the enjoyment of players. With this in mind, we have gathered together some of the very best PSVR games that players can currently get ahold of and experience all of the excitement and joy they have to offer with their worlds. 

Best PSVR Games

The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners

Best PSVR Games

The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners is one of the newest VR titles to join the list of currently available PSVR games. Those who dive into this zombie apocalypse will have to navigate surviving between two warring factions in a partly flooded New Orleans where you must choose to either be a Saint or a Sinner. Will you go out of your way to help other survivors in need, or will you live by a code where survival is your only concern? There is no doubt that the PSVR version of The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners is one of the best and most immersive zombie experiences that players can dive into on the PSVR platform. 

L.A. Noire: The VR Case Files

Best PSVR Games

One of the best PSVR games available for players to play is L.A. Noire: The VR Case Files. Individuals jump into the shoes of Detective Cole Phelps, where you will solve brutal crimes and cases inspired by actual cases from 1947 Los Angeles. The highly immersive VR environment enhances the excitement of solving crimes as a top of the notch detective that players will find themselves in when they play one of the best PSVR games that is on the platform. 

Batman: Arkham VR

Best PSVR Games

You would be hard-pressed to find someone who would not enjoy being able to feel like they were Batman when they are playing a video game. Batman" Arkham provides the most immersive experiences players can have when it comes to filling the shoes of the Dark Knight. There is no doubt that one of the best games on the VR platform allows players to fulfill their dreams of donning the gear of Batman and fighting Gotham's worst criminals. 

Resident Evil 7

Best PSVR Games

The Resident Evil franchise is one of the most iconic in the video game world. Resident Evil 7 brought one of the best franchises in gaming history to PSVR with a terrifying world that no doubt has caused plenty of players to scream out in terror. An immersive first-person perspective enhances the frightening and suspenseful nature of Resident Evil 7 in what is one VR experience that PSVR players should not waste any time in enjoying. 

Beat Saber

Best PSVR Games

Can you name a better and more unique combination that good music and lightsabers? We didn't think so. Beat Saber combines these two elements in a VR rhythm experience where players must slice blocks that represent musical beats to play an array of fantastic songs with a pair of lightsabers. The adrenaline-fueled nature of Beat Saber makes it one of the best PSVR games that players can jump into and enjoy playing with friends and family. 

Some of the best video game experiences in the world right now can be found on PSVR. Those who have been interested in diving into the world of VR without obtaining an expensive setup will be happy to see that the PSVR provides a high-quality option for you to play some of the most enjoyable games the world of virtual reality has to offer.