Every Walking Dead Easter Egg in Saints & Sinners VR Game

The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners VR horror game has a treasure trove of Easter Eggs from the high-profile franchise for fans to discover.

The Walking Dead universe spans a wide variety of entertainment mediums that all have provided fans with countless stories that they will remember for a lifetime. One of the newest entries in this fan-favorite universe is The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners VR horror game that released to the world on January 23rd for Oculus Rift, Rift S, Quest (via Link cable), HTC Vive, Cosmos, Valve Index, and various WindowsMR headsets via the Oculus Store, Steam and The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners official website. This new title is set in a partly-flooded New Orleans sometime after the Walker apocalypse has decimated the world. The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners thrusts players into an adrenaline-fueled experience where they must choose if they will be a Saint or Sinner when it matters the most in a world where you could meet your untimely demise at a moment's notice.

Intense combat and robust crafting options are just some of the entertaining features players will be able to enjoy in this new VR horror game experience. However, there is also a group of hidden Easter Eggs players can find placed around the world of The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners that pay homage to other corners of the popular universe that has captivated individuals for years. 

The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners Easter Eggs

Survivors will find that there are six total Easter Eggs placed strategically around the map of the Saints & Sinners VR horror game. These will have any Walking Dead fan grinning from ear to ear when they discover them throughout their fight for survival in New Orleans. These hidden gems consist of items that were focal points in other mediums found within the franchise's universe, which include simple nods to actual things that were used. Are you curious about what these particular Easter Eggs are? If so, be sure to check down below for a look at all of them. However, do expect to find out where exactly you can find these Walking Dead Easter Eggs in the Saints & Sinners VR horror game because of the simple fact that it would take away all of the fun of finding them yourself. 

Whisperer's Mask

The Walking Dead Saints and Sinners VR Horror Game

The Whisperers are some of the terrifying antagonists that have been included in various stories found in The Walking Dead universe. These survivors are led by Alpha and Beta, who are two individuals you would be wise to stay away from if you are not looking for an early grave. The trademark signature of the Whisperers is how they wear the skin of Walkers to pass safely among the infected. These skin masks even allow them to lead herds of Walkers for use as camouflage and weapons against anyone that opposes them. The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners pays homage to these formidable foes with an image of the group's iconic mask on a wall you can come across when exploring the VR game's expansive map. 

Commonwealth Armor Stand

The Walking Dead Saints and Sinners VR Horror Game

Fans of the franchise's comic series will recognize this Easter Egg considering it is the armor used by the Commonwealth. A community of 50,000 survivors, the Commonwealth is a vast network of communities who have banded together under one name to survive the horrors of the apocalypse. This Easter Egg armor is what is worn by the army of guards that are the backbone of the entity's military might. 

Jeffrey Grime's Panda Pag

The Walking Dead Saints and Sinners VR Horror Game

The next Easter Egg on our list is the Panda Bag used by Jeffrey Grimes during the Walker infestation. He is the younger brother of fan-favorite character Rick Grimes. Jeffrey Grimes stars in the spin-off comic known as The Walking Dead: Alien. Jeffrey is also the same age as Rick's wife Lori and was indirectly responsible for the two of them meeting, as Jeffrey and Lori were good friends. The younger Grimes brother was in Barcelona when Rick was shot and fell into a coma. Unfortunately, he was unable to return home to his brother because of a quarantine that had been put into effect for the city. 

Ericson Boarding School Brochure

The Walking Dead Saints and Sinners VR Horror Game

Telltale Games' The Walking Dead: Season Four is a fellow video game entry in The Walking Dead universe and introduced the Ericson Boarding School to fans. The start of the Walker outbreak saw the boarding school's Headmaster and all of the teachers besides Ms. Martin flee Ericson while leaving behind 42 children to fend for themselves. Players of the Saints & Sinners VR horror game can uncover a brochure for this infamous location in a nod to one of the more iconic places in the Walking Dead franchise. 

Sarah Bennett's Radio

The Walking Dead Saints and Sinners VR Horror Game

Supernatural Skeptics Guide to New Orleans is the official companion podcast to The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners title and tells the story of Sarah Bennett, who travels to the infamous LaRouche House. This building is known for being where a plethora of horrific crimes were committed by its owner Quentin LaRouche and later the Brill Family, who all tortured and murdered dozens of innocent people within its walls over the years. Players can discover the radio that Sarah Bennett uses to broadcast her story of survival in the LaRouche House following the Walker outbreak. 

Black Toy Train

The Walking Dead Saints and Sinners VR Horror Game

Fans of The Walking Dead comic will recognize this Easter Egg from issue #193, which is the final one in the popular series. The black toy train appeared in this particular issue and is a nod to those who enjoyed all of the entertainment that the high-profile comic provided throughout its storied run. 

These Easter Eggs are only some of the exciting things players will come across in The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners in what is one of the must-play VR horror game experience 2020 has to offer. We wish you the best of luck, survivor, on your quest to discover the locations of where these hidden items are located across a version of New Orleans that will take all of your strength and knowledge to survive another day in the apocalypse.