Supernatural Skeptics Guide to New Orleans - Part Ten: The Flood

Sarah Bennett faces off against the greatest threat she has ever faced in the apocalypse in the adrenaline-fueled conclusion of The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners VR horror game podcast.

Supernatural Skeptics Guide to New Orleans is a brand new adventure in the fan-favorite franchise of The Walking Dead. Critically acclaimed actress Mara Junot leads listeners through a ten-part horror adventure in the role of host Sarah Bennett. This odyssey is a companion story to The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners VR horror game from Skydance Interactive and Skybound Games, which will be available for players to dive into on January 23rd, 2020.

A terrifying discovery took place at the end of Part Nine: Revelation when Sarah Bennett finally learned who Sebastian, the fellow survivor of the Walker infestation that Bennett had been living with over the course two months, really was in a genuinely frightful manner. Our host discovered the infamous torture chamber where Quentin LaRouche and then later the Brill Family had tortured and murdered several innocent people over the years. This room is where Sarah found a photo of the Brill Family children, which revealed to her the horrifying truth that her companion Sebastian is the son of the Brills who aided in their horrendous crimes when he was a child. Now, Bennett must face one of the evil people who brought her to the vile LaRouche House in the first place amid trying to survive another day in the apocalypse.

Part Ten: The Flood begins with Bennett recounting her encounter with the newly revealed Sebastian Brill, who had found our host exploring the room where so many evil acts had been committed. Sebastian enters the torture chamber with a devilish smile on his face showing off his yellow teeth in a way that sends shivers down the back of Sarah. "Fire axe at his side... like a gun with the hammer pulled back. 'I see you've met the master of the house," Sebastian said, referring to the straw hat dummy in the confederate uniform. 'I'm glad you finally know the truth,'" Bennett anxiously recounts in the final episode of The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners VR horror game companion podcast. 

Sebastian Brill goes on to tell Bennett how he had spent nineteen years in a psychiatric hospital following the arrest of his parents, Susan and Bernard Brill. One day an overwhelming sense of despair overcame Sebastian that made him believe his Twin sister, Jane, was in trouble. The Brill son escaped the psychiatric hospital he had been held at to discover that his sister had taken her own life. He came back to the LaRouche House following the discovery of his sister's suicide. Bennett goes on to learn how Sebastian came to know of her when the apocalypse started. "Alone in the world, he returned to the only place that made sense to him. LaRouche House. 'I thought it would just be me and LaRouche forever,' Sebastian said. 'But when you entered this house... when I heard your voice, I knew my sister had returned.'"

A step forward by Sebastian causes Sarah to take a defensive stance back while at the same time telling the Brill family member that she was not his sister. The murderous individual acknowledges that Bennett is not his actual sister but states that she can learn to be, and the two of them can be together forever in the confines of the LaRouche House. Sarah backs her way into the table in the torture chamber and grabs a flaying knife. Our host goes on to thrust the knife into the stomach of Sebastian when he begins to touch her cheek. 

Sarah makes her escape up the stairs of the LaRouche House but is unable to leave the building, as violent hurricane weather outside would spell demise for her. She ultimately runs into the kitchen and presses her hand against the back wall of the room, which activates the hidden entrance to a secret passageway of the LaRouche House. This action results in a narrow escape for Bennet from the violent swing of Sebastian's axe as he charges into the kitchen. Bennett grabs the nail-studded baseball bat that Sebastian had previously made for her and makes her way to the second-floor landing of the house. However, Sebastian Brill knows where all of the secret passageways in this horrific place lead to and is waiting for Bennett when she emerges. 

"Tell LaRouche I don't believe in fucking ghosts," I said. I ran at him, screaming. And right before we collided... the storm shutters blew off their hinges and the windows shattered," Sarah vividly recounts. "Wind and water rushed into LaRouche House. I was slammed against the wall. Peeling my eyes open... I saw Sebastian, clinging to the railing of the staircase as the house flooded. In his eyes, for the first time, I saw fear. The fear of a helpless boy... fighting forces he couldn't control. I tried reaching out to him, but the winds were too strong... at least that's what I told myself." 

Help then comes from an unexpected source when a Walker emerges from the water and wraps its rotting arms around the neck of Sebastian Brill. Bennett looks on as the infected monster bites into the arm of Sebastian, and ultimately witnesses both Sebastian and the Walker become victims to the destructive force of nature and descend into the violent tides of the flood. Sarah is soon able to make her way to the attic when the eye of the hurricane makes its way over LaRouche House. She soon realizes that it too will be overcome by the flooding water and the genuine possibility that the LaRouche House, where so many vile acts were committed, could indeed be her watery grave in the apocalypse. 

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