Supernatural Skeptics Guide to New Orleans - Part Eight: The Calm

Sarah Bennett takes advantage of some alone time to reflect on what brought her to the LaRouche House in the first place.

Supernatural Skeptics Guide to New Orleans is a brand new adventure in the fan-favorite franchise of The Walking Dead. Critically acclaimed actress Mara Junot leads listeners through a ten-part horror adventure in the role of host Sarah Bennett. This odyssey is a companion story to The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners VR game from Skydance Interactive and Skybound Games, which will be available for players to dive into on January 23rd, 2020.

Part Seven: Huntress was a wild ride for listeners, as they experienced an adrenaline-fueled tale of Bennett fighting against her dark side when she and Sebastian came face to face with two marauders. Sebastian was able to stop Sarah from killing the marauder who turned out to be a young boy who had been with his father and helped our host remember that if the human race is to survive this apocalypse, it must not lose the capacity for mercy. Listeners now return to Bennett and Sebastian in Part Eight: The Calm, as the two survivors continue their fight to live through the hellish nightmare, they find themselves in. 

Bennett explains how the weather surrounding the LaRouche House is taking a turn for the worse, while she expresses her thankfulness that she is not alone in a world overrun by walkers thanks to Sebastian. Sarah tells of how she and Sebastian have even begun to have a little fun together reenacting scenes from old movies along with a polaroid camera they found in the LaRouche House. Our host tells us that Sebastian is currently on a supply run due to their food supply running low and only having enough for a couple of days. 

This solitude gives Bennett a chance to focus her attention on the infamous LaRouche House, which has served as a shelter for the two survivors throughout this horrifying ordeal. Bennett explains how she finds herself pulling books off of the shelves, hoping it uncovers a secret passageway to Quentin LaRouche's hidden torture chamber, where he performed horrific actions against the people he kept as slaves. Sarah goes on to question why she is so intrigued by the LaRouche House and the supposed evil that resides within its walls. "Why am I so obsessed with LaRouche? Perhaps it's the idea that evil is passed on to generations, like a family heirloom. LaRouche's heinous acts echoed like a scream across the ages until they were finally heard by the Brills," says Benett in Part Eight of The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners VR game companion podcast. 

The Brills were a family of four who committed a plethora of horrific crimes when they lived in the LaRouche House. The parents claimed the ghost of Quentin LaRouche influenced them to kill people in the same manner that he had died when his slaves rose against him. Unfortunately, the twin children of the Brills were at the mercy of their parents, who guided them towards helping in committing several atrocities. The thought of the Brill children being manipulated in helping their parents commit torture and murder leads Bennett to examine how she was guided by a loved one when tragedy struck her life at an early age. 

"When I was 11, my parents died in a car crash. In an instant, I was alone. Compassless. No one to point the way," Bennett vividly recounts. "Except for my Grandmother... who told me something... amazing. My parents weren't really gone. See, Grandma had been a voodoo priestess in Haiti, a 'mambo' they called her, and I believed everything she told me about the old world. She said if I prayed at an ancestral altar, I would hear my parents speaking to me."

However, Sarah's prays as a child did not result in her being able to communicate with her deceased parents and killed her belief in her Grandma's old world. This disappointment led her to major in both Psychology and Broadcasting with a minor in American Folklore to create a career where she would prove there are no such things as voodoo or ghosts. This mission ultimately led the host of The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners VR game companion podcast to the LaRouche House to prove the Brills were a sick family who conducted terrible crimes and not influenced by the spirit of Quentin LaRouche.

Bennett soon dives into what she now believes is her mission, with the world being infected with real-life monsters. "I've continued broadcasting from LaRouche House as a way to document the apocalypse. Convinced myself, I'd win a Pulitzer," states Sarah firmly. "But now I broadcast because of you. Whoever you are. Wherever you're listening. You're my tether. Knowing my words reach you is what keeps me going when nothing else will." 

Our host goes on to begin pondering what her Grandmother would say to her right now. However, a muffled voice from a male and the shock of a body slamming against the floor sends a new threat of terror down the spine of Bennett.  

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