Supernatural Skeptics Guide to New Orleans - Part Six: Jack's Back

Sarah Bennett and Sebastian face their latest horrifying ordeal in a world overrun by the dead.

Supernatural Skeptics Guide to New Orleans is a brand new adventure in the fan-favorite franchise of The Walking Dead. Critically acclaimed actress Mara Junot leads listeners through a ten-part horror adventure in the role of host Sarah Bennett. This odyssey is a companion story to The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners VR game from Skydance Interactive and Skybound Games, which will be available for players to dive into on January 23rd, 2020.

Listeners come back to another tale of how the new world filled with terrifying walkers continues to test the spirit of host Sarah Bennett and her companion Sebastian in Part Five: Meet The Prescotts. Jack and Krista Prescott are a married couple who traveled to the LaRouche House to take shelter with Bennett and Sebastian after listening to the radio broadcasts of Sarah. However, Jack suffered a fatal wound to his stomach before the Prescotts made it to the LaRouche House, and our group of survivors ultimately saw their numbers reduced by one when Jack succumbed to his injury and died. 

Part Six: Jack's Back brings listeners back to the LaRouche House, where the death of Jack Prescott has put Sarah Bennett and Sebastian into another fight for survival against the infection that has turned the world into a hellish landscape. 

Bennett describes to all of the interested listeners the incredible display of grief she was witnessing Krista Prescott go through following her husband's tragic death. "When Jack Prescott died from the wounds sustained during a marauder attack, his wife Krista didn't leave his side," Bennett sadly states. "She held his hand and talked to him about their plans. About the house they would buy with the pool and the dog. About the newborn baby whose face would light up with joy. Krista's grief had manifested in maladaptive daydreams. I stood in the hall, listening until my heart could no longer take it." 

Unfortunately for the survivors, they soon found themselves in a battle for their lives when the infection targeted Jack and transformed him into a walker ready to rip apart Krista, Sarah, and Sebastian within the confines of the LaRouche House. A blood-curdling scream from Krista alerts Bennett and Sebastian to a now infected Jack whose ghoulish and evil appearance signaled the start of what would be a genuinely violent encounter. 

"Jack's teeth gnashed, guttural moans emitted from his throat. He was a walker. How?! We made sure Jack wasn't bitten, but somehow he turned anyway. Jack lumbered toward us. Sebastian didn't hesitate. He drove forward to plunge his axe into Jack's Head," Bennett says in graphic detail. However, the tragedy continues to get worse in what was already a dire situation. 

"What happened next happened in a blink of an eye. Krista moved between Jack and Sebastian, shouting, 'No, don't hurt him!' right as Sebastian swung," a horrified Bennett exclaims. "His axe struck Krista's neck. With the axe still in her neck,  Krista convulsed violently. She reached a hand out to me and collapsed. Dead before she hit the floor."

Sebastian was knocked unconscious after falling back into a bookcase following his deadly and misintended killing of Krista Prescott. Bennett soon sees the infected Jack set his sights on the incapacitated Sebastian and arms herself by retrieving the axe from the corpse of Krista. "I grabbed the handle of the fire axe and pulled. The axe came free from Krista's body with a wet pop. Jack was bent over Sebastian. I didn't have much time... I raised the axe over my head," Bennett recounts vividly. 

Will Sarah Bennett be able to save Sebastian from a gruesome death at the hands of an infected Jack Prescott? Discover the grim conclusion in Part Six: Jack's Back on channel 6.0 at or on all major podcast providers.