Supernatural Skeptics Guide to New Orleans - Part Five: Meet The Prescotts

Sarah Bennett and Sebastian encounter some new survivors as they continue to fight for survival against the infected.

Supernatural Skeptics Guide to New Orleans is a brand new adventure in the fan-favorite franchise of The Walking Dead. Critically acclaimed actress Mara Junot leads listeners through a ten-part horror adventure in the role of host Sarah Bennett. This odyssey is a companion story to The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners VR game from Skydance Interactive and Skybound Games, which will be available for players to dive into on January 23rd, 2020.

Listeners last heard from Sarah Bennett during her first broadcast from the infamous LaRouche House following the walker outbreak in Part Four: Apocalypse. Our host explained the dangerous descent that she and her companion Sebastian's world has undergone with the explosion of an infection that has turned a massive amount of individuals into bloodthirsty creatures. However, listeners soon learn that this new apocalyptic environment that is their new home has plenty of terrifying threats that come from their fellow humans in addition to the appalling nature of the walkers. 

Now, we return to another broadcast from Bennett from the LaRouche House, where she and Sebastian dive into a new adventure in this horrifying world and face the mysterious arrival of the Prescotts in Part Five: Meet The Prescotts. 

Bennett begins her latest broadcast with the tale of how one day, a married couple knocked on the doors of the LaRouche House and requested help from Sarah and Sebastian. Our host thought her broadcasts were in vain and that they were not reaching anyone in this world where the dead hunt the living. However, the Prescott couple soon revealed that at least some people had been listening to the communication efforts of Bennet and were looking to take refuge in the seemingly safe LaRouche House. 

Krista Prescott pleads with Sebastian, who is blocking their entry to the building in fear of what these strangers may do to himself and Sarah to let herself and her husband inside. Mrs. Prescott explains to Sarah and Sebastian that her Husband, Jack, was injured when a band of marauders attacked them. After being told by Krista that Jack was not bitten, Bennett goes on to give Sebastian an ultimatum regarding this new situation that the two survivors were now in the middle of tackling. "Let them in or let me out. Because I'm not gonna stand here and listen to that man die," Bennett adamantly tells Sebastian. 

Sebastian ultimately opens the door and proceeds to let the Prescotts take shelter in the LaRouche House. Sebastian tends to the stomach wound of Jack to the best of his ability with the limited medical supplies available around them. Bennett goes on to explain her happiness when the Prescotts offered her and Sebastian some food that looked much more appetizing than the diet the apocalypse had thrust onto them. 

"They had food, which they were kind enough to share," says Bennett. "We've been on the canned food diet here in LaRouche House, so when Krista busted out the potato chips, I almost went feral."

Sarah and Sebastian soon learn more about the background of the Prescotts and how they came to be on the front steps of the LaRouche House, with Jack struggling to survive a grave wound. "They heard the National Guard set up collection points for hurricane relief ... supplies fresh for the taking. The Prescotts joined a search party to find one of these sites," Bennett explains." They found one alright, already overrun with by Walkers. They escaped only to be ambushed by marauders. Jack and Krista were the only ones who survived."

Unfortunately, the group soon receives troubling news regarding the health of Jack that inspires never-before-seen anger in the voice of the woman who has been delivering her riveting tale of horror and survival to all of us. 

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