Supernatural Skeptics Guide to New Orleans - Part Two: LaRouche House

Host Sarah Bennett takes listeners on an exclusive tour of the wicked LaRouche House, where a ghost is said to have influenced a once-normal family to commit unspeakable crimes.

Supernatural Skeptics Guide to New Orleans is a brand new adventure in the fan-favorite franchise of The Walking Dead. Critically acclaimed actress Mara Junot leads listeners through a ten-part horror adventure in the role of host Sarah Bennett. This odyssey is a companion story to The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners VR game from Skydance Interactive and Skybound Games, which will be available for players to dive into on January 23rd, 2020.

Last week, the terrifying story of Super Skeptics Guide to New Orleans began with host Sarah Bennett providing a deep dive into the atrocities that were committed by the infamous Brill family at the LaRouche House. The Brills were a family of four who tortured and murdered a dozen people within the confines of the LaRouche House. This home had once belonged to a wicked slave master known as Quentin LaRouche, who had performed plenty of vile acts against the individuals he had imprisoned in the building. 

Due to there having been so much bloodshed in the home, it is not surprising that people began to consider the idea that perhaps something supernatural was to blame for the heinous acts of the Brill family. Susan Brill had told authorities the ghost of Quentin LaRouche persuaded the family to begin killing victims in the same manner that he had died when his prisoners had revolted against him.

 To prove that the ghost of Quentin LaRouche was not the real motivator of the Brill family's murderous rampage, the fearless host of Sarah Bennett visited the location to take listeners on a personal tour of what many consider to be a truly evil place. "I'm the first to stand inside these walls in twenty years. People avoid LaRouche House like a plague, claiming it has a dark energy. Teenagers don't even dare to dare each other to ring the doorbell. An entire city held by hostage by fear. I could write a book," says Bennett as she enters the building. 

Bennett soon finds herself finding the first mysterious aspect of the LaRouche House when she opens a secret passageway located in the kitchen. This particular passageway was created to allow people who LaRouche kept as slaves to move "sight unseen."

Our host soon finds herself in the middle of a chamber that was used as a workroom and sleeping quarters. This chamber was extremely hot and cramped to the point where Bennett can not believe humans lived here once. However, it is not too far of a reach to say LaRouche did not care, considering that the rest of New Orleans would rather not speak about the evil man. "New Orleans is preoccupied with ghosts and vampires," explains Bennett. "But men like LaRouche? They're the monsters no one likes to talk about."

Sarah then makes her way to the dozen bunks that lined the wall where the Brills hung the mutilated corpses of their victims. However, our host is not buying that the ghost of LaRouche was the driving force behind the evil acts of the Brill clan. "Alright Skeptics, Let's get skeptical. Let's say the ghost of Quentin LaRouche truly existed," Bennett adamantly states. "Why didn't the Brills move? Instead, they hung their victims' skins like yesterday's laundry. That's not supernatural influence. That's classic schizophrenia: repressed desires manifesting as external voices." 

Now, it is hard to think about how a deranged mother and father were able to manipulate their twin son and daughter to help them in committing the wretched acts the family was responsible for determining. These children were victims of how their parents dragged them down into their madness. This recognition was all too real for Bennett when she made her way into the ordinary-looking bedroom of the Brill children. "My God... I always regarded the twins as mini-maniacs. I never once saw them for what they really were: Victims," says Bennett solemnly. 

Soon, Sarah finds herself hearing unknown and mysterious noises within the walls of the LaRouche House. An abnormal individual goes on to make themselves visible to Bennett. Unfortunately, this person does not appear to be in a stable state and makes their violent intentions known with a series of bone-chilling snarls. What will be the outcome of this gruesome encounter?

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